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We're passionate about seeing women not only reach their health goals but also build a sustainable lifestyle in order to feel empowered, confident and fit for the challenges created by modern life.

We offer full workout programmes designed for your specific needs, offering both individualised nutritional support and weekly group training sessions. We work with you on a personal basis to set your goals that fit in with your particular lifestyle. You will also find a community of like-minded women to help keep you motivated and give you that much needed accountability!

Achieving better health doesn't have to be complicated or even require attendance at an expensive, sometimes intimidating, gym. Our aim is to increase your health and fitness in an achievable, relational environment.

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With our Tone & Strengthen Wellness Programme

We believe you were led to this page for a reason, we understand that time in lockdown may have been isolating and lonely for you or mentally and emotionally draining. 

Sometimes we feel like we don’t have time for exercise. However, exercise is a major factor in improving your quality of life. It can significantly improve your mood and health. It reduces your risk of heart disease, diabetes and serious illness. 

We're reaching out to you because we have something so exciting and that is a perfect fit for you. 

But before we go into the details of how we are going to fix your posture, hip mobility and get you fit and healthy again, we want to ask you...

Do you feel that since lockdown and maybe before your strength, flexibility, motivation and energy levels seem to have sadly gone down hill?

Are you determined to do something about it?

Maybe you want to, but are not sure where to start?

Maybe you need someone to give you the step by step guidance and a few like minded friends to help you achieve it?

Maybe you’ve thought about joining a gym now, or maybe you’ve been to gyms before but the atmosphere made you feel intimidated and overwhelmed, perhaps self conscious?


At The Health Hub YOU are our FOCUS


small group training with personal guidance from a friendly trainer

small group nutritional support via Zoom with a non-judgemental Qualified Nutritionist 


motivation from a likeminded community of women


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I worked hard as a teacher for most of my life raising my daughter and putting everyone else as a priority. During that time I noticed some stomach discomfort, throbbing in my knees and painful feet. I felt exhausted and went to the doctors in search of a solution, arthritis. They said I could have some pain killers, but I knew there must be something more I could do to get to the root of the cause of my symptoms. 

Then I found The Health Hub! I switched up my eating habits, added in some effective exercise routines and wow I felt a new lease of life! The pain in my knees was so much better, my stomach issues were completely resolved and my feet were a vast improvement. 


Thank you Health Hub!

Local Artist, Diane Roberts



We believe in the power of nutrition. Food is more than fuel it is culture, medicine and has the power to make us feel vibrant and energised.  

Our sessions with a Registered Nutritionist take away the overwhelm. We focus on the first baby step towards a healthier way of eating. 



We believe moving our bodies regularly is essential to wellness, however, most of us need specific exercises to strengthen certain areas to ease pain. 

Our fitness sessions are specifically designed to strengthen the main pain point locations: shoulders, back and knees. We also build in specific exercises to help tone those bingo wings, flatten those tummies and turn your bums into plump peaches! 











Massage Therapist



Meditation Coach


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